Sneak Peek: Ceaser Needs Karlie to Respect Him as Her Man and Stop Making Him Look Like an Idiot

"Don't hit me with that bulls--t. Your baby Ceaser should have knew Joc was in Jamaica."

Karlie is telling Ceaser a whole bunch of things she thinks he wants to hear when it comes to Joc but he’s not buying any of it. (The kid is from Harlem, he can spot BS out ASAP, no rocky.) All he wants from his girl is some respect.

In the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta sneak peek, Ceaser is wondering why he found out Joc was in Jamaica through the blogs. It was embarrassing enough seeing him at Karlie’s grand opening, and now that these Jamaica pics have surfaced, Cease wants to know the deal. Karlie tells him this story of how Joc and his lace front wig came on their own, nothing went down between the two of them, and all she did was accept his apology. It doesn’t make sense to Cease why Karlie even cares about an apology if he’s the ex. She assures him that it was not a big deal and the only reason she pulled that stunt at the grand opening was to show Joc what a “real man looks like.” All that “my baby Ceaser” talk falls on deaf ears and Cease asks that Karlie just keep him out her games.

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