15 Celebrity Smiles That Are Scientifically Proven to Make You Feel Good

This will leave you feeling amazing.

There’s a few characteristics that add up to a good smile, like pearly white teeth, dimples and an acceptable teeth-to-gum ratio if we’re being honest. But a great smile should radiate from the inside out and light up any room you step into. Although most celebrities have the kind of money and access to hire the best dentists to perfect their famous grills, only a special few have that “je ne sais quoi” that makes their smile infections.

Mahershala Ali is currently being praised all over Twitter because of his latest GQ cover where your boy’s mega watt smile is causing us hot flashes. One tweet called his smile the eighth wonder of the world, and honestly, where is the lie? The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay said during a recent episode that she decided not to close the gap in her front teeth because her dentist said it “added character.” And guess what…he was right! Smiles like these aren’t made, they’re born. And we think we have the scientific evidence to prove that seeing these celebs smile will make you feel all warm inside.

Check out these celebs whose smile is their best curve.

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