22 Times Rappers Flaunted Their Wealth With Ridiculously Creative Chains

There's jewelry, and then there's this.

Rappers really don’t get the credit they deserve for their loud and proud gaudiness. When it comes to flaunting wealth with gigantic statement pieces, nobody does it better.

Hip Hop fashion trends like Kangol hats, XXXL white tees and backwards clothing may have faded away with time, but the bling game is here to stay. Rick Ross is rolling in so much dough, he copped an iced out pendant of his face just because he can. Nicki Minaj had a pink chicken wing chain back in the day (for reasons we still don’t understand.) T-Pain made himself the butt of the joke by rocking an oversized chain that literally spelled out “Big Ass Chain.” It kind of makes sense when you think about it. Like, who would have the balls to snatch that?

Over time, rappers have continuously one-uped each other by getting the most ridiculously icy chains you’ve ever seen. Just when you think it can’t get any more insane, newcomers like Migos come along and remind everyone to step their game up. Check out some of the most extravagant rapper chains in hip hop history.

Remember the time DeRay messed up this famous rapper’s name and the Hip Hop Squares guests lost it?

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