The Bad Boy Reunion At The BET Awards Ruled, Despite Diddy’s Fall

Relive the best part of '90's.
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Diddy and the Bad Boy roster reunited during Sunday night’s BET Awards 2015 for a truly unforgettable tribute to the crew’s 20th anniversary.

We had appearances by the old posse Ma$e, Lil Kim, Faith Evans, and by newcomer French Montana. Even 112 got back together and sung their classic hit “Peaches and Cream.” The crowd roared when during the Notorious B.I.G. tribute, and Diddy danced himself through the stage, literally!

We still don’t know what Chris Brown was doing, but with all the excitement from the show it was awesome nonetheless.

The reunion was lit beyond proportions. Old school hits, special guest appearances, and most importantly the birth of countless memes, .gifs, and tweets from the far reaches of the Internet.

Check out how fans reacted to the unforgettable Bad Boy reunion below.