Nicki Minaj Wins So Many Awards, She Forgets What She’s Winning + More News to Get Your Monday Started

Plus, Shia LaBeouf is rapping now. Yup.

Nicki Minaj proved to be the Queen of last night’s BET Awards when she went to accept the nod for Viewers’ Choice (“Only” feat. Drake, Lil’ Wayne, and Chris Brown) and literally forgot what award she was getting.

“I ’wanna thank you guys for the support on The Pinkprint,” she said before things got confusing. After a long pause, Nicki asked, “What was this award for? I’m sorry.” When she realized what it was, she then got pumped AF. “Oh my god! Thank you,” she exclaimed, subsequently saving her speech and slaying our existences. It’s a no-flaws-detected moment, if there ever was one. [USA Today]

  • In other BET Awards news, former frenemies K.Michelle and Tamar Braxton buried any Muppet-related hatchets when they performed together during the ceremony. And then Patti LaBelle came in and stole the show, proving she is the answer to all our world’s conflicts. []
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  • Miley Cyrus kicked off Saturday’s Logo Trailblazer Honors show with a pre-taped video. And she addressed the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage all over the United States in the best way she knows how: Swearing. (JK, JK.) “F— yeah!” she said. Actual icon. [Billboard]
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  • After an article that criticized Amy Schumer’s humor for having a “blind spot around race,” the comedian took to Twitter and assured everyone that she is not a racist. [The Guardian]
  • After an aneurysm in March, Joni Mitchell’s conservator Leslie Morris confirms the singer is “speaking well,” but cannot walk at the moment. However, she is expected to make a full recovery. [Fox]
  • OMG. Some not-very-nice fan printed a photo of Kim Kardashian from her infamous 2007 sex tape with Ray J onto a giant flag and waved it at Kanye West’s Glastonbury performance over the weekend. Warning: Potentially NSFW. []
  • Donald Trump is still for “traditional marriage” despite being married three times, because that makes sense. [CNN]
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