Evelyn Bursts Into Tears Feeling Like She’s Let Her Fans Down By Losing Her Temper with Jackie

"I f--king worked hard to be where the f--k I'm at and for me to feel like I threw away that s--t for a bum b---h like her bothers me."

Evelyn Lozada has worked hard to leave her violent past behind her but her altercation with Jackie Christie left her “seeing red” and now she most definitely feels some type of way.

On last night’s Basketball Wives, the ladies reconvene the morning after Jackie and Ev’s big blow-up. Evelyn tells Shaunie she cannot and will not be around Jackie or be in the same room with her she already feels like she’s let down a lot of people for losing her cool like she did with Ms. Christie. “I f–king worked hard to be where the f–k I’m at and for me to feel like I threw away that s–t for a bum b—h like her bothers me.” Ev says she will never be cool with Jackie, ever, and that’s that. “I’ll take the heat for it because when it comes to my kids, I don’t care.”

We are proud of Ev for staying true to who she is and hope she and Jackie can stand to be under the same roof, eventually! Don’t miss an all new Basketball Wives, next Monday at 9/8c.