13 Celebs That Aren’t About to Get Tied Down By Marriage

Even if they like it, they won't put a ring on it.

Idris Elba broke the hearts of hopeful ladies around the world this week when he confessed to Essence that being married was not his “life’s calling.”

For some celebrities, a wedding is simply the last thing on their mind. For others, they’ve thought about it…but it’s not for them. It’s not that all of these celebs are afraid of commitment, either. In fact, more than a few of them are or have been in successful, long-term relationships. To them we say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

We do have one burning question for these celebs, though: How do you cope with watching all of your friends getting engaged and posting about it on Facebook? Just asking, you know, for a friend.

Maybe these celebs should take some advice from the men of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.

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