19 Pictures of Celebs Having the Sweetest Time at the Museum of Ice Cream

It's the place to be on National Ice Cream Day!

Happy National Ice Cream Day! In honor of today’s indulgent holiday, we’re treating you to the perfect gallery, and no it’s not of celebrities eating ice cream.

A slew famous faces have stopped by the Museum of Ice Cream, an ice-cream themed interactive pop-up currently stationed in L.A and previously in New York City. Not only is this L.A. hot spot chock-full of beautifully Instagrammable back drops and retro displays – it’s also the place in Hollywood where you’re likely to bump into tons of celebrity faces. Everyone from Beyonc√© and Kim Kardashian to Ariana Grande and Katy Perry have “screamed for ice cream” within these sugar-coated walls. Willy Wonka has nothing on this! Check out the gallery below while you indulge on the cone of your choice.

Speaking of ice cream, check out this throwback Black Ink Crew clip where Donna’s ice cream tattoo almost causes conflict in the shop.

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