Why Weren’t These Cast Members at the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season Six Reunion?

Where was Ceaser? Where was Bambi? Where were Tammy and Waka?

The Love & Hip Hop reunions always give us the fashions and the drama but this year there were quite a few notable absences from the cast. Whether it was Stevie J’s newest baby mother or his daughter, whether it was Tammy or Bambi–several of our faves sat this one out. We had to put our detective hats on (a la Inspector Karlie Redd) to figure out the best reason for them not showing up and showing out.

  • 1 Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka Flame
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    Tammy joined Waka on tour and to celebrate his birthday. In an exclusive interview with VH1, Tammy said simply, “My family comes first.” Gotta respect that.

  • 2 Bambi Benson
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    Bambi has made it very clear that she and Scrappy are done and said that she will not return to the Love & Hip Hop franchise so no surprise she wasn’t at the reunion. We would however be into her returning to Basketball Wives to buddy back up with real-life bestie Malaysia Pargo. ?

  • 3 Joseline Hernandez
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    Joseline did show up for her sixth reunion but she never stepped onto the stage. The Puerto Rican Princess said she showed up for her fans but by the time she got there she was “good.” As she drove off Joseline let us know, “Tell them I make movies, f–k Love & Hip Hop. I am motherf–king Love & Hip Hop.” Heard!

  • 4 Savannah Jordan
    Joseline’s newest rival was probably too busy snatching her diploma to show up for the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion. Congrats, Savy!

  • 5 Karen “KK” King
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    Of course KK showed up to go at it with Tommie via Facetime but the she couldn’t make it to New York to film live on account of recent surgery. Get well soon, boo.

  • 6 Jasmine, Rod, and Keanna
    Rasheeda Frost refused to film with the trio of Jasmine, Rod, and Keanna at the reunion so production honored their years-long relationship with Frost by icing ’em out.

  • 7 Deb Antney
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    Momma Deb always holds it down and keeps it real as the resident den mother of the crazy kids of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta but with her son and daughter-in-law swerving on account of family commitments, it’s no shock that Ms. Antney decided to sit this one out.

  • 8 Samantha, a.k.a Finesse
    Tommie’s mama didn’t make it to the reunion but Tommie has been very open with the public about their rocky relationship. In an exclusive interview with VH1, she said, “My mom was 18 when she had me, it doesn’t come with a manuscript on how to raise kids…It’s like we grew together. So basically, I feel like we just learning as we go.” We hope these two can continue to grow and develop their relationship. Tommie showed love on the ’gram just yesterday!

  • 9 Shawne Williams
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    Jessica Dime’s pro ball player fiancé is really out here trying to get his NBA career back in full swing so he wasn’t in attendance but he did honor his lady on Instagram the night of part two, writing, “I just wanna let you know how proud I am of you and that I love the woman you are and becoming, I love you beyond measures and can’t wait to change that last name!” Love.

  • 10 Ceaser Emanuel
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    The Black Ink shop owner didn’t pull a pop-up on his ex-flame Karlie Redd at the reunion, presumably because that relationship is doneso and he’s too busy out here in Atlanta setting up his next shop. However, in an interview with VH1, Ceas said he has hung out with Tommie and that Karlie lied about being celibate, so with all that tea, we really wish Ceaser came through!