These Hollywood Silver Foxes Give Grey Hair a Good Look

Move over blondes, brunettes, and gingers.

Steve Carell instantly became the Internets new favorite bae after his press run for Despicable Me 3. Surprising everyone with a new head of grey hair, the man who once had us in tears as the wacky Michael Scott on The Office has now joined the elite club of hollywood silver foxes.

Age ain’t nothing but a number and Carell is proving that at 54. He isn’t the only male celebrity aging like wine by getting finer and finer with time (rhyme was unintentional). George Clooney, Barack Obama, Jeff Goldblum, and Jon Stewart are just few other grey-haired baes we can’t help but gaze at. Take a look at more famous silver foxes in the gallery below. Grey has never looked so good.

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