Celebrity Kids Who’ve Already Mastered the Side Eye

These celebrity tots are still mastering their ABCs, but already know how to throw advanced level shade.
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    North West had designers sending her custom frocks while still in the womb, and sits front row at Fashion Week while still in diapers. But rest assured, she is completely unimpressed with it all. Ask Nicki Minaj, who tried coddling the adorable 21-month old tot during the Alexander Wang New York Fashion Week show only to be shut down. When little North is ready to go home, she will make her demands known and you will learn to deal. [Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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    Arguably one of the most sought-after celebrity kids on the planet, eight-year-old Suri Cruise knows just how to serve the paparazzi style with a side of sass. Suri never has an off day when it comes to her wardrobe, and when she’s had enough of the picture snapping, she’ll never hesitate to make it known. [Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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    Most of us would kill to sit from row at a Chanel fashion show. But Jennifer Lopez’s seven-year-old daughter Emme looked as though she’d prefer to be anywhere else. If having to sit through a show full of garments you’re not old enough to wear yet isn’t enough of a drag, try having tons of photogs claw over you and your mom the whole time. [Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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    Usher’s seven-year-old son, Usher V, gave photogs the face while out with his dad. Cheerios in hand, it looks like the adorable little guy (a near replica of his dad!) wasn’t in the mood to be snapped. There’s never been a cuter mean mug! [Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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    When it comes to smiling and waving at the cameras, Sandra Bullock’s five-year-old cutie Louis Bardot would simply rather not. The kindergartener is often spotted being picked up and dropped off at school by his mom, or just taking it easy during a day at the park. Either way, he cherishes his down time and would prefer to keep unwanted social interactions at the playground to a minimum. Who could blame him? [Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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    Nothing says “back off” like the death glare of Zahara Jolie-Pitt. Her A-list parents Brangelina and gang of siblings cause pandemonium any time they leave their posh NYC residence. No stranger to public attention, Zahara has learned to silently give the cameras a piece of her mind with her signature gaze. [Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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    When your mommy is Queen B herself, there are very few people worthy of your time. Three-year-old Blue Ivy Cater is uninterested in posing for your photos or answering your questions, she hilariously thwarts all of the paparazzi attempts to engage with her, and the side-eye she throws with it could not be any more entertaining. [Photo Credit: Getty Images]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]