So Much Went Down On Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Last Night and Twitter Didn’t Miss a Thing

Legit crying about Brooke's coconut oil tweet.

There was so much going on this week on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, from the side chicks to the budding relationships, we could hardly keep up. Luckily, Twitter is always there to keep us up to speed and laughing our butts off.

Alexis Skyy suddenly has a new boyfriend/possible baby daddy (???) and Twitter went in on their relationship:

While Safaree and Ray. J tried to keep their cool while in the studio with Hazel-E.

Meanwhile, there’s a whole mess of drama between Lyrica and A1 because she refuses to let him sign any female artists to his label.

(We know which songs they are! Do you?)

And then there was Savage Queen Brooke Valentine and her confrontation with Jade (and consequently Chanel West Coast). Did anyone else think it was a little weird when Chanel declared herself gangster? Twitter did.

Once you see it, you can’t un-see it.

Twitter had many opinions about the Brooke/Marcus/Jade love triangle.


We can’t wait for next week’s episode. Tune in Mondays at 8/7C and tweet along with us. You never know, you could be featured in our next round up!

After confronting Marcus about his side chick Brooke forces Marcus to end things with Jade.

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