Booked and Busy: Masika Kalysha Just Gave a Rundown Of All Her Gigs For the Haters and It’s Glorious


Masika Kalysha’s feud with Alexis Skyy and Hazel-E has bled off the TV screens into social media and Masika’s ultimate clapback? Letting the ladies know she’s actually booked and busy. (Did Masika start selling “Booked and Busy” shirts, yet, btw?) The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star took to Instagram to post a series of photos (that she then deleted) from her years-long career in La La Land to prove that she’s not new to this, and she’s actually been booked. It’s ain’t a jk.

Check out Masika’s oeuvre and tell us she ain’t bad!?

  • 1 Serving Hilary Banks-realness in a Ford commercial around 2014.

  • 2 Giving her best girl next door for a perm box around 2006.

  • 3 All smiles on another perm box.

  • 4 A spread for XXL Magazine

  • 5 A professional photoshoot

  • 6 Another car commercial

  • 7 At a professional photoshoot in 2010.

  • 8 At a calendar shoot in 2007.

  • 9 As “Lake” in the feature film The Prey circa 2013.

  • 10 In a promo with The-Dream in 2010.

  • 11 Filming her music video for her single “Hella Hollywood” in 2015.

  • 12 Her daughter Khari Barbie Maxwell.

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