Watch Tami Roman Call Jeniva Samuel Out After She Accidentally Shaded the Ladies at the Basketball Wives Reunion

"We're wives on the show..."

Kijafa Vick and Jeniva Samuel made an appearance at the Basketball Wives reunion to talk about their time with the ladies in Miami and to give us a sneak peak at what is to come for them on Baller Wives.

When Marc Lamont Hill asked the baller wives what is so different about their show, I almost expected them to say, “Well, they are two different sports!” But Jeniva had a few reasons: “It’s Miami, we are wives on the show, our husbands are on the show…”

Cue Tami Roman: “I feel like that wives on the show’ was a dig…”

Honestly, this deserves to be a meme:

Jeniva: We are wives on the show.
Tami: wE aRe WiVeS oN tHe ShOw.

It was all in good fun, though. It looks like the Basketball Wives support the Baller Wives, even with the unintended shade.

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The tension at the reunion quickly intensifies when Jackie and Evelyn argue over why Evelyn donated money to Jackie’s grandson.