7 Disney Stars Who Failed at the Fame Game


Starring in your own Disney Channel show can be an A+ launching pad for a future career in ShOw BiZ~*. Just look at successful alums like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato. However, for every Hilary Duff, there’s a Christy Carlson Romano. (Remember that celestial goddess?) Alas, not every Disney grad can go on to hit television shows, platinum albums, and blockbuster movies. In fact, some are lucky enough to get B-list pop hits and maybe some low-budget indie film that a few plebeians will see. Here are seven depressing examples of Disney stars who never quite took off.

  • 1 Ashley Tisdale
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    You Stanned hard for this chick as Maddie in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and as Sharpay in the High School Musical franchise. However, despite several attempts at A-list fame, Ash has settled for a TBS show about hair. Before that, though, she attempted stardom with two lukewarm pop albums and a string of “meh” films, including Scary Movie 5. The fourth sequel—always the best.

  • 2 Christy Carlson Romano
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    Ugh, this icon. She played the no-nonsense sister Ren in Even Stevens and starred alongside Queen Hilary in the seminal 2002 classic Cadet Kelly. Since then, she’s starred in a randomly franchised ice skating series and appeared in Mirrors 2 (2010), where she exposed her breasts. Thriving.

  • 3 Orlando Brown
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    As the smooth-talking Eddie on That’s So Raven, Orlando had much promise. All of his attempts in entertainment afterwards, though, have been unsuccessful. (Unless you count an uncredited role in a 2012 film called We the Party big poppin’.) Eeek, and Orlando’s problems with the law don’t exactly help his case, either.

  • 4 Lalaine
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    Another flaw-free Disney BFF. She played HilHil’s main betch Miranda on Lizzie McGuire, but stopped appearing toward the end of the series because she was always “in Mexico.” (Read: Behind-the-scenes drama.) After five post-Disney flicks, she got her big break: The one-line character Gossipy Girl in Easy A (2010). The big wigs, folks.

  • 5 Raviv Ullman
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    You probably remember him as Ricky Ullman or maybe just Phil from Phil of the Future. Since that game-changing show ended in 2006, Raviv has attempted an acting career, but has fallen into the one-episode day player trap. Oh, and he’s made a few flicks, but nothing worth mentioning. That’s the tea.

  • 6 Kyla Pratt
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    Penny Proud is bae, tbh. (And, by default, so is Kyla.) We wish she would’ve started a kick-ass career after wrapping The Proud Family in 2005, but the closest she got was starring in several Dr. Doolittle spin-offs. Again, prospering.

  • 7 A.J. Trauth
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    This hottie played Alan on Even Stevens, but his other performance endeavors haven’t been as fruitful. After appearing in several C-list movies and TV shows (and doing a video game, randomly), we think A.J. has given up on the whole fame thing. Interesting fact: He’s married to fellow Disney vet and The Originals star Leah Pipes. So, maybe all is not lost. [/item