Bonus: A1 and Solo Lucci Think It’s Hilarious That Cisco’s Been Creeping With Amber Behind Teairra’s Back

Cisco admits he was wrong for cheating on Teairra, but his bros are just excited to look at online pics of Amber Diamond to see who he's cheating with.

When he first moved to LA, it was to be with Teairra Mari, but now that he has been caught sleazing around, Cisco is ready to get back to the original mission.

You never know what you have until it’s gone and losing Teairra is sinking in heavy to Cisco in this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood bonus clip. When linking with the homies to talk about their wimmenz, A1 speaks on his continuous argument with Lyrica about working with other female artists. If A1 thinks he has it tough, then he obviously never met Alexis who, if you recall, shut down Solo’s whole radio interview to press him about his baby mama. As messed up as Solo is about the Alexis situation, no one had a tougher week than Cisco who seemingly reactivated his creep card.

When Cisco first moved to Cali, he had intentions of working things out but Moniece and Nia are throwing a wrench in his plan by expressing concern for their friend. If being ambushed at the bar wasn’t enough, now he has Teairra questioning his loyalty to her. The whole situation had Cisco so stressed that instead of talking about it, he decided cheating was way easier. Judging from A1 and Solo’s faces, they’re like “Totally understandable, bro.” Amber showed Cisco mad love and no argument fun, but now that that’s over with, his heart lies with Teairra again. He just wants ol’ girl back.

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