Kam May Have Stole Fizz’s Whole Face, But These Pics Prove He’s Definitely Moniece’s Little Love Bug

"I get on his nerves lol but I don't care...he's my baby ?"

Moniece Slaughter never had to prove her love for her son to anyone, despite receiving tons of scrutiny for her parenting. Whenever an issue arises between Moniece and another castmate, the go-to diss critiques Mo as a mom, but if these costars actually checked her ’gram, they’d notice she’s actually pretty amazing. Her love for Kamron is unwavering. She said it best, “I think I’d fight tooth and nail to protect him. I’d do some serious damage for this boy. He’ll forever be my little punkin.” And no one can take that from her. Flip through some of these adorable Mommy/Son moments with Moniece and Kam.

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