Meet Tiffany, AD’s Best Friend Who Thinks Moniece is an “Opportunist” and “Scandalous AF”

AD has a tough decision to make.

Usually when you meet your significant other’s bestie, they at least try to pretend to like you, but not AD’s ace Tiffany. She isn’t feeling Moniece and had no issue letting it be known. Since Momo and AD started dating, tensions thickened between the two women in AD’s life, mainly because of pillow talk. Tiffany has held some resentment against Moniece and even accused her of faking the funk and “playing gay.” In defense of her girlfriend, AD is adamant that their love is a for real thing, and it seems everyone is convinced but Tiff. After a few back-and-forths, Moniece has resolved to wash her hands of the situation, saying she has no intentions of apologizing to Tiffany.

Who is the young woman who is stirring up a bit of drama this season? Aside from AD’s best fraaaan and being a skripper, it looks like Tiffany is an aspiring model and your around-the-way girl. Flip through to see some of her pictures!

In this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood highlight, Tiffany and Moniece have a difficult time clearing the air.

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