Nikki Snatched the Whole Lace Front Off Phor’s Potential Cousin For Letting Her Man Down

"Phor don't want to deal with it and I'm sure as hell not finna let this little b---h get away with it. This s--t ends tonight."

Nikki is a ROD for her man, so when an alleged family member of Phor’s let him down once again, Nikki took her down.

In this Black Ink Crew: Chicago highlight, Nikki has had enough and gets into it with Janelle, the woman claiming to be Phor’s cousin. The chaos in the shop is too much and Phor decides it’s time to go but Nikki isn’t finished yet. She threatens to drag ol’ girl, causing Phor to leave because he didn’t sign up for any for this. Don walks Janelle out but Nikki is already ten toes down. She presses Janelle in the parking lot telling her it is her business because Phor’s her man. Talking turns to shouting and before you know it, Nikki has a whole new wig in her possession.

But wait, the shots are blurry, but did y’all see how Janelle roughed that man up trying to get to Nikki?




Like, Nikki must’ve had her really f—ed up to throw a grown adult man out of the way.

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