Here’s A Reminder That Keyshia Cole and Remy Ma Are #FriendshipGoals

When you've been friends for more than a decade, you know it's real.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell which celebs are really friends and which are just turning it on for the cameras. When it comes to Keyshia Cole and Remy Ma, their friendship is anything but fake. Spanning at least a decade, their friendship includes musical collaborations, weddings, break ups, and even some jail time. Through it all, Keyshia and Remy have proven that they’re ride or die.

  • 1 It’s real, y’all.
    Keyshia has said before that she can’t remember how the two met, but that they’ve been friends for over a decade. If you’re friends with Keyshia Cole, it’s for real because, “I don’t like the Hollywood, fake, we don’t talk…” She also says that she and Remy “take friendship very seriously.”

  • 2 Same show, different coasts.
    These besties are both part of the Love & Hip Hop franchise, with Remy reppin’ New York and Keyshia reppin’ Hollywood.

  • 3 They’re always there for each other.
    Remy told Wendy Williams that while she was in jail, she had a few friends who would call or write, but that “Keyshia Cole gave [her] thousands of thousands of dollars like, ’Here. This is for your son, this is for your lawyer’. That to [her] meant more than coming to visit.”

  • 4
    When they were reunited after Remy finished her 6 year sentence, Keyshia tweeted, “Missed @therealremyma so much! My Bish for life! #Good #Real #Friends #Hard2Comeby #WelcomeHome”

  • 5 Keyshia was a bridesmaid at Remy’s wedding!
    That’s a serious friendship, folks.

  • 6 They fly across country for each other!
    Remy captioned this photo, “I had a photo shoot, a filming, a performance, and several other engagements on Thursday, October 15. However, none were more important than helping to put a smile on my friend @KeyshiaCole face. I flew to L.A & was only able to stay for 12 hours but it was well worth it- she really was surprised too!”

  • 7 Look at this sweet birthday message Remy posted for Keyshia.
    Go best friend, that’s my best friend! Happy birthday to my ridah @keyshiacole ? always keeps it 1000, stands tall when others fall short, & has the biggest, most loyal…Love u down????? #RemyMa #RemyMafia #IfIWasLightskinAndCanSingIWouldBeKeyshiaCole #FriendWithACapitalF #ThenAndNow

  • 8 Friends who attend fashion week together stay together.
    Peep Zell Swagg hanging out with Keyshia and Remy.

  • 9 Remy might physically harm anyone who messed with Keyshia.
    As evidenced in the video for “You,” where Remy basically leads a torture session for a guy who has wronged Keyshia.

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