Evelyn Lozada And Wendy Williams Have Had A Contentious Past, But Evelyn Just Took The High Road When Commenting On Wendy’s Husband’s Alleged Infidelity

"Hopefully, she will humble herself."

Evelyn Lozada has gone head to head with Wendy Williams in the past for comments Wendy has made about Evelyn on her show. Now that a scandal is allegedly brewing in Wendy’s marriage, the Basketball Wives star decided to take the high road and offer some support to the gossip queen.


Recently, rumors have surfaced that Wendy’s husband and manager Kevin Hunter has been involved in a decade-long affair with another woman. Reports say the mistress in question is a 32-year-old massage therapist whom Hunter lives with several days out of the week. Although it may be satisfying for some to see the shock jock suffering a scandal of her own, Evelyn has a more sympathetic take on things.

“At the end of the day, Wendy and I have had our words before,” she told BOSSIP exclusively. “And I don’t always support things that she says or she does, but you know, I do feel for her as a woman, because at the end of the day, that hurts. Being betrayed like that, finding out that your significant other has this whole other life.”

Back in 2014, Williams caught some heat for calling Evelyn’s son with Carl Crawford a “cash register” back in 2014. Evelyn hit back with a “hot topic” of her own, claiming she once sold Kevin a pair of heels for his mistress at her shoe store Dulce.

“When I had those words with her, I’d just had my son when she made those comments, but I wish her well. I do,” Evelyn added. “Hopefully, she will humble herself, and watch what she says about people.”

As for Wendy’s alleged marriage troubles, she has gone on record to deny the rumors of any marriage trouble and claims that “all is well in Hunterville.”

Catch this throwback clip of Evelyn talking to her daughter, Shaniece, about how she has been coping with her split from former fiance Chad Ochocinco.

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