Rounding Up the Wackest Apple Music Playlists

What exactly does a "The Struggle is Real" sound like?

Apple Music made its big debut yesterday, along with the 24-hour radio station Beats One. We simply had to try out the new streaming service that seamlessly integrates Apple’s library with your own, but then we noticed these ridiculous amazing playlist names. Props to the music editor (or interns) who created these. You the real MVP.

  • 1 Cooking for Hipsters
    Are you afraid that your quinoa has become to mainstream? Fear not.

  • 2 Rock at the Summer Music Festivals
    Mind you this is different than the “Summer Festival Headliners” playlist.

  • 3 Early Morning Post-Rave
    For those mornings when you ain’t ready to lose your hype. This playlist is clearly for people who live much more exhilarating lives than I.

  • 4 The Struggle is Real
    There’s not really much else to say.

  • 5 Baby Makin’ Music
    Listed under Apple’s “Getting It On” activity category.

  • 6 Feels Like the First Time
    Like the last one, Apple now wants to control your sex life.

  • 7 Americana for Non-Americana Fans
    But if I didn’t want to listen to Americana, wouldn’t I just not listen to Americana?

  • 8 A Hipster’s Guide to Metal
    Because when I think of hipsters, I usually think of Slayer.

  • 9 Yo Momma’s Summertime Groove Mix
    We can thank GQ for curating this playlist.

  • 10 Twerk Session
    Somebody had to do it. Shoutout to Popcrush.

  • 11 Walking the Red Carpet
    Having to stop and do all those interviews and pose for all those photos…ugh I’m not even gonna be able to listen to this while on the red carpet. #NotFair

  • 12 Feminism in the ’90s
    Okay Apple, we see you!

  • 13 Kendall Jenner’s Short and Sweaty Workout Playlist
    Wait, really? This is four songs.

  • 14 ’60s Soul Picnic
    Just having a little trouble visualizing this, but there’s definitely some tunes we can get down to here. [/item

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