A Look At the Props That The Love & Hip Hop Cast Pull From Their Bag of Tricks When They Want To Make Their Point

Why throw fists, when you could unleash a bag of d--ks?

In case you missed it, bringing your fist and/or fighting words to a fight is child’s play. Real thugs bring props. No, not brass knuckles or vaseline (those are weapons), we’re talking about good old fashioned household items that add emphasis to the name you’re about to call someone before you drag them. Let’s say, a piece of bread or a nest.

If you missed the memo that props are the new wave, you’re not alone because it seems only cast members of Love & Hip Hop picked up on this trend. Here’s a few different things you can pull out of your own bag of tricks instead of beating the breaks off of someone.

  • If someone is gonna ask “what that mouth do,” show them what your hands can do by snatching off a wig… but it’s probably best not to take off the wig of the person you’re defending.

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    In Brooke Valentine’s latest stunt on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, she pretended to be Marcus and sexted Amber Diamond and invite her to an event, with the sole purpose of embarrassing her. While the initial joke was to see what Amber’s mouth could do, Brooke and her friend Bridget Kelly found out what Amber’s mama’s hands could do when Shun Love realized her daughter was being played. So what exactly could those hands do? Snatch off Amber’s wig to throw at Bridget. Yes, you read that correctly. She took her own child’s wig off, exposing her straight backs to the world on national television just to throw it at the side of Bridget’s head.

    Why it’s a great prop: If you left your prop at home, it’s probably easily accessible because there’s always one person who fails to secure their wig before the fight starts. Plus, it cost you nothing because it’s not your wig to snatch.

  • If you’re going to meet up with a man who likes bird, bring him a bunch of pigeons.

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    When MariahLynn walked in on her boo, James R., a little too close to the leading lady of his latest music video, Sophia Body, she decided that Mr. R had to go. Even though she had bopped Sophia in the moment, MariahLynn wanted to meet up with James to officially give him the boot. When he arrived at the park to talk to his girl, MariahLynn was tossing bread pieces to a bunch of pigeons on the ground. Before she started dragging him, she told him that she wanted to make him comfortable and since he liked birds so much, she wanted to bring him a few since she was breaking up with him.

    Why it’s a great prop: The prop isn¹t the bread, it’s actually the birds. Using a prop to call a flock of living props to the scene of a read is genius. Pure genius.

  • If you’re going to fight with a girl that’s a bird, bring a piece of bread.

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    In season 7 of Love & Hip Hop, after Bianca tried to get it poppin with DJ Drewski, his girlfriend, Sky, wasn’t having it and pulled up on Bonnie post performance. She started calling Bonnie a bird and then pulled two whole slices of wonder bread out of her bra to throw at Bonnie and yelled, “That’s what we you feed pigeons, bread, you bird bitch!”

    Why it’s a great prop: No one like the ends of the loaf anyway, so next time you go to make a sandwich just put them to the side so you’re ready for the next bird that tries you.

  • When you want to tell someone that their (GROWN) child is rotten, build them a nest.

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    It’s always rude to talk about someone’s child, but that didn’t stop Momma Dee from building a nest for Ms. Shirleen in the middle of Pressed in season six of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. After Rasheeda didn’t come to Scrappy’s court case, she brought a literal gift bag and started going ham in the store. She stopped to build her prop and Rasheeda tried to stop it, but Momma Dee succeeded and told Shireleen now she has nest to sit on the next time she wanted to push out a rotten egg.

    Why it’s a great prop: If you have access to the outdoors, it’s pretty easy to pick up some twigs but please note there is some assembly required.

  • If you want to call someone a dog, bring them a milk bone.

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    Masika and Zell have had quite the storyline this season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. They’ve passed the point of no return, but passed it again when Masika showed up to a shoot Zell was styling with a box of milk bones. She called him a dog and started throwing them at him while talking about all the things she’s done for him (she’s very punny, you must admit). Zell picked up the bones and threw them back at her when started singing his first Masika-inspired song.

    Why it’s a great prop: You get double creativity points if you throw literal bones at someone while telling them all the things you’ve done for them.

  • If you want to… well… whatever this was, bring a bag of dildos.

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    It’s not really clear what Hazel was trying to say about Safaree, but needless to say sis was not pleased to learn about Safaree, Ray J and A1’s sperm contest earlier this season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. After learning that the man with the lowest sperm count had to hop in the music booth with her, Hazel decided to UNLEASH a bag of sex toys on Safaree.

    Why this is a great prop: It’s not unless you have an AmazonPrime membership, how are you going to collect the supplies needed on such short notice?

  • If you want to remind someone that you’re wealthy, throw money.

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    This is a given because only wealthy people waste money by throwing it on someone else and that’s exactly what Joseline did with Jessica Dime in this meet-and-greet back in season four of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. After finally agreeing to meet up with Dime, who she knew from her dancing days, Joseline was over the conversation real quick and let it be known. When Joseline started throwing money at “Dime Penny”, she wanted to deliver the message that she wouldn’t “amount to more than these dollars on the floor.” Yikes.

    Why it’s a good prop: If you have dollars to throw then this is great (plus the more you have to throw, the more you make your point), but if you don’t have dollars to throw, this might not be the best move for you fam.

  • If you want to call your man a momma’s boy, bring him a onesie.

    Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

    Let’s just call Momma Dee the prop master of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Fed up that Ernest was a momma’s boy (yes, the irony makes this so much more funny) Momma Dee brought her man a pacifier, diapers and his very on onesie.

    Why this is a great prop: It’s funny plus you can add a little message to drive home your point.

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