New Body, Who Dis? These Celebs Make a Pretty Good Case For Going Vegan

According to these stars, there's more than a few reason to go plant-based.

If you spoke to celebrities with the most bangin’ bodies in Hollywood, many will say their six pack abs are actually made in the kitchen. The secret is actually what they’re not eating.

For many celebs like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Ellen DeGeneres, hopping on the vegan bandwagon temporarily has helped them trim down and test the limits of their willpower. But for celebrities like Waka Flocka, Jhene Aiko and Miley Cyrus, veganism is a lifestyle and they have no plans to turn back. And seriously, after reading their testimonies on how going meat and dairy-free has changed them for the better, how could we blame them?

Aside from the health and beauty benefits to going vegan, there are some ethical and spiritual reasons why you might want to kick animal products to the curb. Take a cruise through these vegan celeb stories and do some soul searching.

Kelis and Fat Joe come to the kitchen, and Fat Joe has some greens for Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg. Tune in Monday October 23rd at 10/9c to see what Martha & Snoop have cooking for season 2.

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