Issa HAIRstory: All The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Hair We Loved and the Wigs We Lost

These wigs have left the building!

Rule #1 of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood: If you’re going to come for someone else’s wig, make sure yours is sewn down tight.

The cast of LHHH never come to set half-stepping. The ladies (and some gents) make it their mission to keep their hair laid and always keep us guessing by switching up their colors, cuts and braids. From the daily wig choices of Masika Kalysha to the full, flowing and 100% natural tresses of Brooke Valentine, there’s literally never been a dull moment in the beauty department this season. Unfortunately, not every wig made it to see tomorrow. Thanks to some heated beefs that carried over from the tweets to the streets (looking at you Hazel), some hair do’s were sacrificed in the making of this reality show.

So without further ado, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and celebrate all the styles we loved and the wigs we lost in season 4.

  • 1 Masika was this season’s #1 hair chameleon, serving up all types of wigs, styles and colors.

  • 2 Like this Princess Jasmine-inspired pony.

  • 3 And this bold platinum blonde unit.

  • 4 But overall, we mind as well crown Masika the queen of creative edges.

  • 5 Lyrica, on the other and, kept it consistent with this two-toned curly mohawk.

  • 6 Meanwhile, Brooke Valentine came to slay.

  • 7 And slay again.

  • 8 And slay some more.

  • 9 Keyshia Cole showed off her natural beauty in this simple jet black bob.

  • 10 But wasn’t afraid to give to pull a switcharoo with this highlighted slick back.

  • 11 Solo Lucci definitely pioneered the half-blonde look.
    Get you somebody who can do both. ?

  • 12 Hazel E surprised us in one episode by letting her natural hair come out and play.

  • 13 But we all know she’s forever loyal to her blonde mane.

  • 14 That was until Masika came and snatched it like a thief in the night.
    Send help!

  • 15 But hol’ up! Masika’s not the only wig snatcher in town.
    Hazel hopped on Instagram live to claim ownership of Moniece’s wig, which she claimed to have snatched during a fight.

  • 16 But wait, plot twist! Moniece has a wig of her own.
    Mo mo claims she issued a dose of packback by washing Hazel in a fight and took home one of her wigs in return.

  • 17 Speaking of Moniece…
    Your girl gave us life with her wig selections this season.

  • 18 Exhibit A: This beautiful royal purple wig.
    A little color never hurt nobody!

  • 19 AD’s friend Tiffany kept her strands sleek and simple.

  • 20 But was quick to braid it up before pulling up on Moniece.

  • 21 Zell Swag claims he only cares about two things: 1) Getting money 2) Looking like this

  • 22 And this…

  • 23 …And also this.

  • 24 Teairra Marie started out with a bright orange mane.

  • 25 And then switched to something a little more demure after coming home from rehab.

  • 26 Bridget Kelly seduced Boobie while rocking these winding cornrows.
    All while she was snakin Brooke outta her man. *Ba Dum Tsss*

  • 27 And for the most underrated hairstyle of all…
    Joe Exclusive lowkey takes the crown for the most creative hairstyle on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood…like ever?

Moniece + Brooke rewatch Masika’s fight with Hazel. Brooke and Bridget relive their argument over Marcus and Booby.

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