These Pop Culture-Inspired Gifts Will Take the Stress Out Of Your Holiday Shopping

Everyone at the Secret Santa function will wish they got you.

It’s officially December, which means you’re about to be running around like crazy copping Christmas gifts for the loved ones in your life. If you’re anything like me, it’ll probably all get handled last minute even though you swore to get a head start on it this year (yeah, right). Instead of shelling out racks for big ticket items or going with the predictable gift sets, why not go for something that is fun, timely and inspired by everything we loved in pop culture this year?

2017 saw a lot of big celebrity moments, and there is a corresponding gift for just about all of them. From Cardi B’s monumental glow up to Issa Rae “rooting for everybody Black”, there’s tons of gifts inspired by these epic moments that will have everyone at the Secret Santa function wishing you got them.

Take a cruise through our pop culture gift guide selections below.

  • 1 Stranger Things Ugly Swear
    If you loved Stranger Things 2 then you undeniably loved Steve and what better way to show that admiration than with an ugly sweatshirt from the online shop Tees and Tank You? $34

  • 2 Insecure’s “We Got Ya’ll” Tees
    What on earth could be a better to gift an Insecure fan than a relic from the show itself? Sure, Issa’s job at “We Got Y’all” has caused her a whole lot of strife this season, but you have to admit this tee is fire. $25

  • 3 Beyonce’s “Thicc” Holiday Collection
    Our girl BeyoncĂ© just gifted us with a line of not-so-ugly holiday sweaters that you will regret not owning if you fail to cop these. Aside from her “thicc” collection, is chock-full of ornaments, tees and accessories that hold you over until her grand return to the stage.

  • 4 I’m Rooting For Everybody Black
    KnowDefinition (Etsy)
    Issa Rae stole the show at the 2017 Emmy’s when she admitted to “rooting for everybody black.” It’s a statement definitely worth putting on a shirt. And thank baby Jesus someone did. $36

  • 5 Cardi B Prayer Candle
    Want your 2018 glow up to be as epic as Cardi B’s 2017? Better light a match and say a prayer with the assistance of the dear Patron Saint Belcalis. $15.00

  • 6 Kimoji Phone Case
    Everyone should have a phone case as colorful as their personality. So if anyone you know recently upgraded their phone, you can now bless them with the perfect crazy-faced accessory on behalf of our girl Kim K. $28

  • 7 Stranger Things Eleven Mini Figure
    Listen, some of us will be ballin’ on a budget this year. So, if there are any Stranger Things fans in your life, you’re in luck! This Eleven mini figure is the perfect stocking-stuffer that won’t run your pockets dry. $8

  • 8 “Flawless Bish” Pillow
    Bed Bath & Beyond
    Inspired by Ilana’s iconic “flawless bish” scene in Broad City, this decorative accessory screams “I’m figuring this whole adult thing out one day at a time.” $32.99

  • 9 “Dinner Is Coming” Cutting Board
    Is your boo a die hard Game Of Thrones fan? Are you trying to nudge him/her to cook more? Problem solved! Etsy is a literal playground for pop culture lovers, but this GoT inspired cutting board takes the cake this year. Clever and functional is never a bad combo. $19

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