Jaquae Who? Sophia Body is Absolutely In Love with Her Gift From James R.

Stasi will forever have parents in Sophia and James R.

The circumstance in which Sophia Body came to be acquainted with her fur baby were no doubt messed up but on the bright side, she looks so happy to have her pup, Stasi.

Since her Love & Hip Hop debut, this gift from James R. seems like a W among all of the L’s she took so far. Through accepting this “apology” from James, Sophia jeopardized and lost her whole relationship with Jaquae but judging by these pics, she lost one love for another. Puppy Stasi is getting bigger by the day and fans will be pleased to know that she survived swallowing that penny. This Pomeranian also has it’s own Instagram page. Flip through to see pictures of the new love in Sophia Body’s life.

In this Love & Hip Hop clip, James R. surprises Sophia with a puppy.

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