These Celebrity Ugly Holiday Sweaters Are the Definition of Festive

These celebs really sleigh the holidays.

The holiday season is the one time of the year where people can wear totally heinous sweaters that are covered in literal jingle bells and twinkle lights, and absolutely get away with it. There’s a reason we call them ugly Christmas sweaters, am I right? But, like a pug or a hairless cat, they’re sort of so ugly that they’re cute. Admit it: You’re searching for the perfect one right now. Well, look no further, we’ve rounded up the best celebrity ugly Christmas sweaters to give you some inspiration!

  • 1 Beyoncé
    Splash News
    She sleighs, all day.

  • 2 Hillary Clinton
    Getty Images
    We’re with her…ugly Christmas sweater.

  • 3 Meghan Trainor
    Getty Images
    Meghan’s all about those bells, ’bout those bells that jingle.

  • 4 Demi Lovato
    Getty Images
    Okay, this is what we call “Ugly Christmas Sweater Chic.” How did Demi turn a festive sweater into a whole damn look?

  • 5 Kendall Jenner and Sophia Richie
    It’s a little weird now that Sophia is dating Scott Disick, who is the father of Kendall’s nephews and niece…but it’s still festive AF.

  • 6 Ozzy Osbourne
    Ozzy goes from Prince of Darkness to Prince of Christmas with one festive sweater.

  • 7 DNCE
    Matching Christmas sweaters are perfect for when you want to tackle the holiday bar scene with your buddies.

  • 8 Aziz Ansari
    What’s better than Aziz Ansari in a Christmas sweater?

  • 9 Miley Cyrus
    Throwback to Miley Cyrus’ super lit Kushmas sweater.

  • 10 John Mayer
    John Mayer made sure to meet Santa in his Christmas sweater. How rude is it to show up without one?

  • 11 Ilana Glazer
    Ilana knows it wouldn’t be Christmas without Notorious B.I.G., so she takes him with her to all of her holiday parties.

  • 12 LeBron James
    LeBron’s Christmas onesie is a slam dunk.

  • 13 Ruby Rose
    Christmas sweaters are the new black, am I right?

  • 14 Joe Jonas
    We can only hope that Joe bought two more of these sweaters for Kevin and Nick Jonas.

  • 15 David Beckham
    Leave it to David Beckham to make a Game of Thrones themed Christmas pun.

  • 16 2 Chainz
    2 Chainz should change his name to ’2 Festive.’

  • 17 Olivia Munn
    Olivia Munn wins with this snowman costume. Not technically a sweater, but still the definition of festive.

  • 18 Kaley Cuoco
    Kaley Cuoco is trying to teach her costar, Johnny Galecki, the true meaning of Christmas.

  • 19 Howie Mandel
    Howie Mandel is here to remind you that it’s not all about the ugly Christmas sweaters by throwing a Hanukkah sweater into the mix.

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