Black Ink Crew‘s Melody Has Barely Aged Since Her MySpace Days and These #TBT Pics Prove It

Those MySpace days were a simpler time.

Myspace came out in 2003 so can someone tell me why Melody looks like she took some of the pictures on her profile like, last year?

Since her debut, Melody has been a refreshing addition to the Black Ink Crew family. She is the perfect blend of calming aura with an “I don’t play” attitude. As the voice of reason, Melody has stepped in several times offering solutions to avoid drama in the shop. Don’t let her namaste spirit fool you. If you do mess up she has no problems putting you in your place. Ask Cease. This beautiful bad ass is too lovable and that same spirit is exuding through these pictures from her old Myspace profile. It’s like you can legit hear her while looking at them. Don’t believe me? Flip through and see for yourself.

Relive that time Melody was named the new manager of Black Ink 113th.
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