How Would You React to Your Significant Other Posting (Tastefully) Nude Pictures of Their Ex For a Birthday Post?

Diddy did it and we don't how to feel about.

Co-parenting is a wonderful thing. Seriously, shout out to all of the exes that can keep it cute for the sake of their kids because not everyone is about that life. Truthfully, no one does it better than Diddy and the mothers of his children, especially Kim Porter.
They dated on and off from 1994 until 2007 and have four kids together (son Justin, twins D’Lila Star and Jessie James, and Diddy adopted Kim’s son with Al B. Sure, Quincy). Their family does all kinds of stuff together from holidays to red carpets and it’s not a strange sight to see Diddy or Kim shouting each other out online for things like birthdays here and there. Diddy’s longtime girlfriend, Cassie doesn’t seem to mind that her man has a positive relationship with the mother of four of his children because it’s been pretty normal until Diddy posted this picture of Kim to wish her a happy birthday:

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