Now That Mariahlynn Has Upgraded Her “Twins,” James R. Tries to Get Back In Her Good Graces in the Love & Hip Hop Sneak Peek

"You think so smooth..."

James R. has Mariahlynn effed up if he thinks she will just take him back after that whole situation with Sophia Body.

In the sneak peek to next week’s Love & Hip Hop, Mariahlynn decides to crash James R.’s video release party to show off her new assets. He’s shocked to see her there, considering their last encounter ended with items being thrown. As they talk, she pushes her hair to the side and James commends Mariah on her, um… growth. The compliment is pointless, Mariahlynn is actually just more concerned about where Sophia Body is. After all, she was in this video, wasn’t she? This smooth-talker tries to make things right with Mariahlynn but she immediately humbles him. That ship has sailed. Sophia didn’t show face at this function but since he’s feeling so hot, Mariahlynn leaves him frozen by knocking down his ice sculpture.

Hope no one slipped on the way out. Don’t miss an all new Love & Hip Hop next Monday at 8/7c!

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