Love & Hip Hop Miami‘s Amara La Negra is A Beautiful Afro-Latina Who Also Looks TF Amazing in All Of These Hairstyles

¡Que linda!

Versatility should be her middle name because no matter the hairdo, Amara La Negra slays!

On the Love & Hip Hop Miami debut, fans were pleased to meet the vibrant Amara La Negra, a proud Afro-Latina hailing from Miami while repping the Dominican Republic. Her most noticeable attribute is her luscious hair in which she takes pride in wearing out. In meeting with producer Young Hollywood during the series premiere, Amara was left speechless when he suggested she change her hairstyle in order to be more successful in the entertainment industry by saying things like Amara needs to be less “Macy Gray and more like Beyonce.” In the Check Yourself segment, Hollywood also suggested different styles Amara can do to make her more accepted such as a bob or braids. Well, he can keep his suggestions to himself because Amara has been there and done that and has served in every single style she’s had done. Flip through to see the many looks of Amara!

In this Check Yourself clip, while Hollywood offers his suggestions, Amara preaches that you shouldn’t change for anyone.

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