We Stalked Out These Missing in Action Celebs to See What They’ve Been Up To

Talk about faces from the milk carton.

You ever have one of those moments where you stumble across an oldie but goodie movie on Netflix or peruse through an old playlist and think, “Whatever happened to so and so?” Well, we’ve got a gallery full of them.

There are tons of famous faces we knew and loved in the ’90s and early 2000’s that we don’t see much of anymore for one reason or another. Controversy caused celebs like Colin Farrell and Mischa Barton to take a break from the spotlight while stars like M.I.A. and Geena Davis kind of fell off the grid.

Flip through the gallery to check out celebs who we miss and want to see make a return in 2018.

  • 1 M.I.A
    The “Paper Planes” rapper had a strong run in the early 2000’s but sort of went MIA (pun intended) after some unsavory Black Lives Matter comments landed her in hot water. Based on our research, the politically-charged electro artist recently headlined Complex Con and is gearing up to release new music.

  • 2 Sade
    Pop culture’s obsession with Sade hasn’t seemed to fade out since her reign in the ’90s (seriously, you know your influence is strong when Drake gets a tattoo of you.) Sightings of Sade have been rare since she dropped her last studio in 2010, but that’s typical Sade for you. The industry will always be primed for her next batch of soulful tunes.

  • 3 Nicky Hilton Rothschild
    Nicky Hilton is not the girl you once knew. The former socialite is now a married woman and mom of 2. While shedding her former party girl image, Nicky has immersed herself in philanthropy and fashion. (FYI, her Instagram rivals that of any style blogger you can think of.)

  • 4 Trinidad James
    The “All Gold Everything” rapper fizzled out after being dropped from Def Jam, who once offered him a $2 million recording contract. He’s now an independent artist and will be showing his journey to get new music out via a new web series called (wait for it) Independent.

  • 5 Josh Hartnett
    The hunky ’90s actor was plastered on just about every teen girl’s bedroom wall back in the day, but has gone dark after turning down offers to star in Spiderman and Batman Begins. He told Playboy in 2014 that the pressure of fame becamse so much, he hid out in his hometown of Minnesota for a brief hiatus before turning to indie films.

  • 6 Geena Davis
    Over the past decade, actress Geena Davis is breaking barriers behind the scenes. She started the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, a non-profit pushing for girls to have equal roles children’s entertainment. Davis hopes her return to the big screen will be via a role in Wonder Woman 2.

  • 7 Flavor Flav
    Your boy has been keeping a relatively low profile since he blessed our TV screen with the reality TV treasure that is Flavor Of Love. That’s because he’s trying to get his Las Vegas variety show Flavor Flav’s Vegas off the ground.

  • 8 Heather Graham
    The Austin Powers actress was one of the brave souls who exposed disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Beyond that, she’s been entrenched in the indie scene since playing “Roller Girl” in Boogie Nights and will make her directorial debut Half Magic some time this year.

  • 9 Mekhi Phifer
    The 8 Mile actor had a long run on the medical drama ER, but fizzled out when his role ended in 2008. TMZ reported some financial issues from the veteran actor, but based on his upbeat social media accounts those issues are far behind him

  • 10 Mischa Barton
    Hollywood couldn’t get enough of the British American actress during her reign in The O.C. days. Since leaving the show, Barton became engulfed in a ton of bad press including a sex tape scandal. Hopefully she’s able to bounce back and return strong.

  • 11 Kevin Jonas
    Kevin was always the more mysterious of the Jonas brothers. The singer, who just celebrated his 8th wedding anniversary with longtime sweetheart Danielle Jonas, left the music business to launch his own app called Yood. Maybe he’ll get inspired by his brothers and drop a new single for old time’s sake.

  • 12 Mya
    Save for a few sporadic appearances and performances, Mya hasn’t really delivered much in the way of new music. With ’90s/early 2000’s acts like Xscape, Dru Hill and Ashanti coming back on the scene, the appetite for nostalgia makes now a perfect time for Mya’s return.

  • 13 Colin Farrell
    After critics called his lead role in “Alexander” a bust, Colin Farrell says he sort of “became a parody” in Hollywood. After doing some soul-searching in rehab, Farrell is back on the scene with a major role in Roman J. Israel, Esq starring Denzel Washington – a sign of bigger things to come.

  • 14 Natalie Nunn
    The Bad Girls Club and Bridezillas alum is now fully devoted to being a wife and new mommy, but boy to we miss her explosiveness on our TV screens. Natalie is now a fitness enthusiast and makes frequent paid appearances, but we wouldn’t mind seeing her return to reality TV once more.

Speaking of comebacks, Fizz tried to orchestrate a reunion with his B2K bros but his pleas fell on deaf ears.

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