Cyn Santana and Joe’s Baby Budden Is So Adorable, You’ll Want to Eat Him Up!

Caution while flipping through. We all know winter is baby making time.

Lexington Budden was born in December of 2017 and is absolutely beautiful.

Since his birth, parents Joe Budden and Cyn Santana have been in love, sharing photos of their precious baby boy and doting on him. His eyes are so bright and with a full head of hair, baby fever immediately ensues. Described as their love in the “purest form,” it’s heartwarming to see how obsessed these parents are with baby Lex. Joe Budden is already plotting to channel his inner DJ Khaled to consistently remind us how remarkable his son is. We’re not sure if he favors Joe or Cyn more but one thing is for certain; Lexington is angelic. Flip through to see pictures of Lexington Budden!

In this exclusive interview with VH1, Cyn expressed how excited she was to become a mother.

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