All Of The Times Amiyah Scott Made Us Say WOW!

If Amiyah Scott isn't on your Hollywood fashion radar, you've missed the mark.

If you didn’t catch the mid-season finale of the Fox series STAR, you should quickly log in to Hulu and get your life! Amiyah Scott dominates her role as Cotton, whose story line is easily the most unpredictable amongst the cast. Cotton closed the mid-season finale of Star caught up in a love triangle headed for a pretty messy end, leaving fans wondering will she return on the show this spring. While we wait in agony, here are some of King Amiyah’s best looks to celebrate her 30th birthday!

  • 1 Everyday Celebrity Glam
    This is how you walk into a room and steal the show.

  • 2 Winter Storm
    Instagram - @kingamiyahscott
    Just when you thought you were killing it with your sequined Ugg boots, Amiyah arrives dressed like this for a night out on the town in 10 degree weather.

  • 3 The Cinderella Remake
    Those hand stitched flowers are quite impressive, any princess would agree.

  • 4 Brown Sugar
    How can you not be obsessed with the neutral color palette? Reminds us of a yummy Mocha latte.

  • 5 Pink STARburst
    Instagram - @kingamiyahscott
    Whether this look was an homage to the Pink Power Ranger or the pink Starburst, Amiyah SLAYED!

  • 6 Gowns Galore
    Instagram - @kingamiyahscott
    Amiyah should open up a museum that includes every single breathtaking gown she owns.

  • 7 Classy and Chic!
    Amiyah opted for a classic blazer dress, blunt bob, and patent leather Tom Ford pumps ’cause she’s the epitome of classy and chic.

  • 8 Fine as Wine!
    She’s only missing a glass of Merlot to complete this look.

  • 9 Nightcap
    Instagram - @kingamiyahscott
    Step up your bedtime selfie game.

  • 10 When Your Lip Color Matches the Color of the Carpet
    If you didn’t know, now you know: A fiery red lip can captivate any audience. Simplicity is key.

  • 11 Diamond Princess Homage
    Instagram - @kingamiyahscott
    I’m sure Amiyah was inspired by the Diamond Princess Trina when she murdered the streets with this look.

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