Amara La Negra is Baring it All in These Racy-Sexy Photos

¡Qué hermosa!

Her skin is obsidian in the flesh. Her iridescent eyes pierce through your soul. Amara La Negra is no doubt one-of-a-kind and despite what a hater has to say, she completely embraces her whole self.

Since her Love & Hip Hop Miami debut, Amara has been forced to defend her dark skin as some accused the Dominican-American sensation of using blackface to further push her Afro-Latina agenda. That is absolutely false. As shared on her Instagram page through countless childhood videos (not that she needed to prove anything to anyone) Amara has always had that complexion and she’s proud of it. After stalking scrolling her Instagram, Amara’s in her goddess-like element, alluring fans with her captivating photos. Flip through to see the gorgeous Amara like you’ve never seen her before.

In this Love & Hip Hop Miami clip, Amara responds to Young Hollywood’s comments about her look.

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