12 Celebrities Who You Won’t Believe Are Grammy Winners

I'm sorry, Elmo has how many Grammys?

The Grammy Awards are the greatest night in music, when all of the artists, producers, and innovators in the industry come together to celebrate their accomplishments. Like any other awards show, there are snubs, well deserved wins, and complete surprises. These celebs fall into the “complete surprises” category. Maybe you used to make yourself feel better by telling yourself that you had something in common with Barack Obama, and that something was that neither of you had ever won a Grammy. Well, think again because our former president has two. Even everyone’s favorite puppet, Elmo has managed to take home a golden gramophone…or three. Flip through the gallery to see some other celebs who you never would have guessed were Grammy award winners.

  • 1 Barack Obama
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    Barack Obama has not one, but two Grammys. TWO. He won in 2006 and 2008 for Best Spoken Word Album. I guess you really can have it all…

  • 2 Kate Winslet
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    Kate Winslet is an extremely talented actress who is no stranger to awards, but can you believe that she has a Grammy? She won in 2000 for Best Spoken Word Album for Children for narrating Listen to the Storyteller.

  • 3 Whoopi Goldberg
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    No, Whoopi cannot sing, but she can (and did) win a Grammy for Best Comedy Album in 1986.

  • 4 Baha Men
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    “Who Let the Dogs Out” was an American classic, but you can’t tell me that you’re not a little surprised that the Baha Men won Best Dance Recording for the song in 2001.

  • 5 Zach Braff
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    Zach Braff won a Grammy in 2005 for Best Compilation Soundtrack for Garden State. Who knew you could get a Grammy for producing a bomb soundtrack?

  • 6 Shaggy
    Shaggy has been nominated five times in his career, but in 1996, the man who brought us the classic “It Wasn’t Me,” won Best Reggae Album.

  • 7 Bill Clinton
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    Another president who has two freakin’ Grammys. Bill won in 2004 for narrating the children’s story Peter and the Wolf and again in 2005 for Best Spoken Word Album for My Life [Abridged.] He was also nominated for Best Spoken Word Album in 2013.

  • 8 Hillary Clinton
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    We’re with her, and not only because she has a 1997 Grammy under her belt for Best Spoken Word Album.

  • 9 Magic Johnson
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    The famous baller won in 1993 for Best Spoken Word Album for What You Can Do to Avoid AIDS.

  • 10 Betty White
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    Betty White beat out Tina Fey to win the Grammy in 2012 for Best Spoken Word Album for her book If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won’t). I want her to get every award in the world, so I’m pleasantly surprised here.

  • 11 Joaquin Phoenix
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    The actor won a Grammy in 2007 for his work as Johnny Cash in Walk the Line.

  • 12 Elmo
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    Do you feel bad about yourself yet? A puppet has a Grammy. Actually, Elmo has three Grammys.

We know what was going through The Weeknd, Selena Gomez and everyone else’s minds at the 2016 Grammy Awards.