The Best Memes From Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 411

And you get a record label, and you get a record label...Everybody gets a label!
  • 1 Fans Weren’t all Too Supportive of Ashley Nicole’s First Performance on the Show

  • 2 Or Jessica Dime’s Performance, For That Matter
    Margeaux at least was able to avoid the shade. Hey, while we’re here you should vote on which of the three has the most cred.

  • 3 We Also Found Out that Stevie and Joseline Are Getting a Movie

  • 4 Perhaps the Biggest Shock Was When Karlie Just Slipped in This News

  • 5 Let’s Just Say Fans Were Pretty Upset

  • 6 You Can’t Just Spring Stuff Like That On People Karlie

  • 7 Basically This
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