No One is Seeing the Cast of Love & Hip Hop When It Comes to Rocking a Good Fur

This ain't PETA-friendly.

In the middle of the summer Safaree still wears fur (burr) and it looks like his fellow Love & Hip Hop compadres have learned a thing or two from the Stuntman.

It seems like everyone is rocking one nowadays and now that Safaree held his listening function, all of his guests knew they had to come correct. Everyone knows Godspeed is one of the places to go for premiere jackets to stay bundled up in this oh-so-cold city. The weather may be bipolar, but now worries, there’s a shearling for that! Take a look at some of the swaggy stylo your faves bring to the table.

  • 1 Alexis Skyy

  • 2
    She’s such a doll.

  • 3 Safaree Samuels
    All colorful!

  • 4
    OK head shot!

  • 5
    You think those stage lights have him extra hot? Nah #BURR!

  • 6 Jaquae and Kiyanne
    When Bae matches your fly…

  • 7
    Another one…

  • 8
    Knees out with the fur, can anyone guess the temperature that day?

  • 9 Remy Ma
    Looking quite devilish.

  • 10
    And serving lust!

  • 11 Brittney Taylor
    Blue hair compliments the fur.

  • 12 Juju
    Cam’ron is somewhere crying right now.

  • 13
    Like he has to be sick. Look how gorgeous!

  • 14 Bianca Bonnie
    If the hat doesn’t match the vest then baby what is you doin?

  • 15 Papoose
    Papoose is looking too smooth.

  • 16 Hennessy
    Miss Carolina knows how to match a ’fit.

  • 17 Juju, Yandy, and Remy
    Yandy come through the AKA fur! Skeee-weeee!

  • 18
    Definitely worth a selfie.

  • 19 Kiyanne
    Posted up on the ave looking elite in that shearling.

Stay warm folks!

In this Check Yourself clip, Anais can’t help but to take notice at Yandy’s red fur.

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