Black Ink Crew‘s Donna Has Wigs For Days

She must have a separate closet for these wigs. Well, if she has a home.

The switch-up is not only real but it occurs in 15 seconds or less when Donna does it. Ain’t no shame in her wig-changing game.

On their way to Korea for Operation Save Bae’s Momma, Donna unapologetically took off her pink wig in the middle of the airport to replace it for a better one because, why not? Since we first met this Ohio-native, she transformed into all different types of people with the flip of a wig. She’s rocked it all from Sponge Bob yellow to bloody-shoe red bundles; her face damn near goes with everything. Take a look at some of many styles Donna done donned throughout her time on Black Ink Crew!

Donna should’ve secured her wig a bit better in this throwback clip where she gets into it with Dutchess.

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