Love & Hip Hop Miami Star Prince Urges the Black Community To Stop With the “Queer Antagonism”

"I'm ambivalent towards the situation because him being gay is not going to stop us from being friends."

Prince is just a good guy who sees business, not labels.

As seen on Love & Hip Hop Miami, Malik finally revealed that he was gay to his friend Prince, who responded, “That’s not a big deal bro, it’s 2017.” While Malik says “Everyone doesn’t see it that way,” he is blessed to still have a connection with Prince, who understands the importance of just being you.

The self-proclaimed Prince of South Beach took to Instagram to make a plea to fans, specifically the black community, to stop with the hostility towards the LGBTQ community.

One of those days, we’re gonna have to stop forcing black men to adhere to toxic masculinity & hetero-normative standards WHILE complaining about how black men’s toxic masculinity & hetero-normativity is a problem . You can’t put someone in a box & then complain that they’re in a box … I mean you can , but it makes you a hypocrite . ??‍♂️ – #sonofbaldwin
Oh ! & hopefully one day we the black community) will stop with the queer-antagonism . Shout out to @malikwilliams__ . Live your truth bro , more power to you for putting it out there for the world to know .

Prince understood why Malik didn’t want to broadcast his sexual identity on national television. “There’s such a stigma, especially in the industry,” he admitted during the episode saying, “you get berated, you get bashed, you get chastised” and that possibly could interfere with Malik’s business but not to worry, his friendship with Prince is solid.

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