Right or Wrong? These Celebs Got Called Out For Their Parenting

Agree or disagree, who asked for input?

Parenting is hard because you’re responsible for taking care of a tiny human and every single aspect of their lives. You have to hold them, feed them, and entertain them and when you’re famous (like say, Kim Kardashian or Beyoncé) all of that happens very publicly. People are constantly given the opportunity to criticize and drag a celeb across all corners of the Internet. For all kinds of reasons, from letting little ones snap pics for Instagram to feeding a child via mouth, these celeb parents have gone through the ringer because people (who didn’t know them) did not like their parenting choices.

  • 1 Kim K’s and Her New Little Photographer
    Kim Kardashian West loves a good naked selfie even if people don’t want to see her body on their IG feeds. In the name offeminism and decent motherhood people have expressed their distaste. So when her 4-year-old daughter, North was the photographer of this half-nude pic, the Internet parenting police hit their keyboards.

  • 2 Draya Michele and The Speech
    When kids have to get a parent’s signature, parents generally John Hancock-it. Well, this former Basketball Wives star said I’m done when she started to feel harassed for having to constantly sign off that her son was practicing his school speech. She took to Twitter to ask if she was wrong for refusing to hear this annoying speech and the Internet overwhelmingly said yes!

  • 3 David Beckham and A Kiss on the Lips
    David Beckham got dragged for a picture of him kissing his then 5-year-old daughter Harper on the lips. He later clapped back saying he kisses all of his kids on the lips because that’s how he was raised. Well, except for Brooklyn because “Brooklyn’s 18, he might find that a little bit strange. But I’m very affectionate with the kids.”

  • 4 Tom Brady and Another Kiss on the Lips
    Tom Brady spent the days leading up to the 48th Super Bowl getting criticized on the Internet. It had nothing to do with his football skills, and everything to do with a clip from his webseries where he kissed his 11-year-old son on the lips. All the Internet parenting coaches couldn’t help but chime in.

  • 5 50 Cent’s Issues With His Oldest Son
    50 Cent and his grown up son have a rocky relationship mainly because his son chose to defend his mom when it comes to her beef with 50. If you see 50 in the streets and decide to ask him about his oldest son, be prepared to be featured on his Instagram with a light roasting in the caption like this lady.

  • 6 Farrah Abraham and Her Social Media Management
    Since she starred in 16 & Pregnant almost 10 years ago, Farrah has been no stranger to controversy surrounding her parenting choices. The latest uproar coming from a tweet sent out from her daughter, Sophia’s account promoting one of Farrah’s adult films.

  • 7 Chrissy Teigen And How She Holds Her Daughter
    Six fresh months into motherhood, folks on the Internet expressed their disapproval of how Chrissy was holding her daughter, Luna, in a (now deleted) pic. Seriously. The clapback queen wasn’t going to take the unsolicited criticism without defending herself.

  • 8 Beyoncé and Blue Ivy’s Hair
    When Blue Ivy was a two-year-old cutie pie, the world had a lot to say about her hair, or rather Beyoncé for not styling it they way they liked. People took it as far as creating a petition to “get” Beyoncé to comb it, as if accepting a baby’s natural hair was a crime.

  • 9 Alicia Silverstone and Her Hungry Son
    Premasticating is the act of chewing food for a baby who can’t. Birds do it, and so did Alicia Silverstone. When her son was 11-months-old Alicia posted a video of her chewing food and feeding it to her son mouth-to-mouth and the Internet was not amused, accusing her of potentially spreading bacteria to her baby.

  • 10 Suri Cruise and Her Baby Stilettos
    Getty Images
    Back in the day, Suri Cruise was the epitome of microfashion. Not everyone was digging Katie Holmes letting her then 3-year-old wear high heels. But, Katie let the folks know that Suri’s fashion choices were made by Suri and that the heels were “actually ballroom dancing shoes for kids.”

  • 11 Baby Future and His Healthy Relationship with Russell Wilson
    Ciara found herself in a strange situation when she began dating her now husband, Russell Wilson. People were mad he was bonding with her son, Baby Future. Those people were mainly fans of Future Sr., who was busy at that time being petty and salty that Ciara had moved on.

  • 12 Scott Disick and His Young Girlfriend
    Scott Disick, 34, is dating Lionel Richie’s 19-year-old daughter Sophia. Aside from having to deal with the disapproval from his own family (aka the Kardashians), people have a felt a certain type of way that his girl is 15 years younger than him. So, Sofia’s closer in age to Scott’s first child that she is to him.

  • 13 Kim Zolsiak and Her Need to Get John Legend Tickets
    Kim wanted John Legend tickets for her son and tweeted at Chrissy Teigen to ask who her 20-year-old daughter Brielle “needed to blow” in order to make that happen. Chrissy replied that they could make it happen “without the oral” but that didn’t stop people from accusing Kim of pimping her daughter when she could, you know, go to TicketMaster.

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