Even When They’re Freezing Cold These Winter Olympians Are Hot AF

I know it's the middle of winter, but it's about to get ~*steamy*~.

The 2018 Winter Olympics are well underway with athletes from all over the world showing up to compete in sports like curling, bobsledding, snowboarding and skiing. In other words, sports that you barely hear about outside of the Olympics that require a large amount of clothing and protective gear. Underneath all of that winter gear (that is totally necessary because it’s effing cold in South Korea right now) there are some gold metal hotties waiting for you. Here’s me, scoring them not by their technical skill, but by the fit of their uniforms and general hotness.

Seriously, are the Olympics really just a hot guy convention disguised as sports competitions? Click through the gallery below and find out for yourself. I, personally, have never enjoyed sports more.

  • 1 Joel Fearon
    Getty Images
    Joel is a bobsledder from Great Britain. Bobsleigher? Sleigher of bobs? I’m not sure what you call him but he’s beautiful.

  • 2 Mark McMorris
    Oh, Canada! McMorris is a snowboarder who is shredding my heart to bits with those baby blues.

  • 3 Javier Fernandez
    A figure skater representing Spain in this year’s Olympics, I’m scoring Fernandez high for being so dang cute.

  • 4 Hayden Smith
    Crikey! This Australian bobsledder is going for gold in the “Making Me Feel Some Type of Way” competition.

  • 5 Patrick Chan
    Hold me closer Canadian ice dancer…

  • 6 Andrew Poje
    Getty Images
    Is it a requirement to be hot when you’re an ice dancer from Canada or?

  • 7 Hakeem Abdul-Saboor
    Thicc doesn’t cut it for this All-American bobsledder.

  • 8 Toby Olubi
    This British hunk is [bob]sleighing me right now.

  • 9 Sven Thorgren
    I hate to root for another country and I know very little about winter sports but GO SWEDEN! I LOVE SNOWBOARDING!

  • 10 Alex Pietrangelo
    This hockey player is leaving my heart…defenseless. (He’s a defencemen, guys. I looked it up, so this pun can stay.)

  • 11 Jordan Greenway
    Getty Images
    Nothin’ like a good ol’ American boy to make you want to suddenly learn the game of hockey.

  • 12 Kevin Rolland
    I will never get snow board of this French freestyle skier.

  • 13 Nathan Chen
    This American skater already has the bronze metal, but he’s going for gold when it comes to our hearts.

  • 14 Steve Langton
    I think I need to take up bobsledding because every single bobsledder I’ve come across is gorgeous. Including Team USA’s Steve Langton.

  • 15 Sven Kramer
    Getty Images
    Sven is a Dutch athlete who is speed skating right into my heart.

  • 16 Martin Fourcade
    Getty Images
    Oh la la! This French bialthlete (which is when you ski and also shoot things in the same event) is *kisses fingers like a French chef* beautiful.

  • 17 Lou Moreira
    I have never felt more American than I do staring at Lou Moreira from the USA bobsledding team.

  • 18 Adam Rippon
    Gaining extra points for being sassy and also amazing at skating, America’s Adam Rippon is a 10.

  • 19 Chas Guldemond
    Chas is an American snowboarder who looks remarkably like every protagonist from a Disney Channel Original Movie.

  • 20 Axel Jungk
    Alex Jungk is a German skeleton racer, which is a sport I really don’t understand, but at least I didn’t make about about his…Jungk.

  • 21 Henrik Kristoffersen
    Pack your bags, gals! We’re goin’ to Norway to be closer to Henrik, an alpine ski racer.

  • 22 Ståle Sandbech
    No, really. How do I get a visa to Norway? I’ll gladly learn how to snowboard from Ståle.

  • 23 Omar Visintin
    The Italian snowboarder may be out of the Olympics after injuring himself in a crash, but he is still competing in our hearts.

  • 24 Pita Nikolas Taufatofua
    I love the Olympics. I have never felt closer to the world of sports. FYI, this is shirtless Olympic guy.

  • 25 Chris Kinney
    God bless America.

  • 26 Gus Kenworthy
    Really, slap a couple of American flags on me. I am the most patriotic woman in the world and suddenly I love freestyle skiing.

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