What Happened to These Former Cast Members of Black Ink Crew?

Just because the cameras stopped rolling doesn't mean the money did.

They came, they drank, they fought, and they dipped. What happened to the cast of Black Ink Crew who left the show? Well for one, life.

When the cameras aren’t rolling the show must go on and the cast members of Black Ink’s past have been living with a hustler’s ambition mentality. Whether it’s using their 15 minutes to make some serious coin or keeping it low-key following a tumultuous season, these former artists, receptionists, or significant others have been in their bag and focused. What happened after Sassy followed Puma to his new shop? Is Dutchess still running Pretty-n-Ink? Does the talented Tiffany Perez speak to anyone she once shared a shop with? Flip through and find out what these former cast members are up to.

  • 1 Sassy
    Sassy has been on a serous modeling tip, channeling her inner Erykah Badu for this bomb shot. She also landed a gig at Heed Magazine and recently landed a cover story featuring Jussie Smollett. Dope ish!

  • 2 Whether serving natural face…

  • 3 Or straight fierceness…

  • 4 Sassy is SERVING and working.

  • 5 Dutchess
    The Pretty-N-Ink owner is still tattooing while dropping little “Dutchology” gems.

  • 6 What’s Dutchology you ask?
    It’s her practice of sharing grains of wisdom with her followers. Whether through IG captions or on her radio show on 92.7 The Block in North Carolina. For example, in an Instagram live video she preached, “Ladies stand up for yourself! It’s the year of Queens! Nothing I said was disrespectful! Correction is necessary and it doesn’t have to be negative! Ladies keep being great and stay strong! Strong women raise strong children!”

  • 7 Oh! And she’s been snatched as ever!
    Applying pressure when necessary.

  • 8 Sis also has a baby.
    Well, a beautiful widdle puppy!

  • 9 Quani
    Puma’s wife Quani has been in full mommy mode, making her baby Tamia one of the highest Girl Scout Cookie-selling children in the class.

  • 10 Tiffany Perez
    Tiffany is well into the next chapter of her life, looking beautiful as ever.

  • 11 She is dancing!
    This former Black Ink artist doesn’t just run her own shop, but is apparently teaching hip hop classes with her partner Clayton.

  • 12 She’s an auntie now!
    In an exclusive interview with VH1, Tiffany expressed how excited she is to be an aunt for the first time.

  • 13 She is booked and busy.
    Tiffany also told VH1, “I’m booked for a year now following the show. I work about 5-6 times a week. Sundays we’re closed. Mid-week I try to take a day off just to catch up on stuff…and that’s pretty much it. For the most part, I’m working from opening to close.”

  • 14 No, she does not keep in touch with her former cast-mates.
    While Black Ink gave her a boost in business, she has not spoken to anyone. “The only girl I spoke to really was the new girl, Tati. And Ted is the only one who seems cool. I follow him and I like his stuff.”

  • 15 She has many hustles, including her online business called The Healing Hut.
    “I have an online business called the Healing Hut basically products for the mind, body, and spirit. [We have] essential oils, crystals, sage, things like that.”

  • 16 She’s been up in the gym just working on her fitness.
    “Ever since the show ended, I’ve been going to the gym. It helps me so much with stress and being a businesswoman. I also do yoga.”

  • 17 Her goal is to constantly fly first class to change the forecast.
    “I’m trying to travel every other month if I can. I’m going to Costa Rica and I’m looking forward to that.”

  • 18 Phoenix is still putting that artwork down.

  • 19 Crushing every tattoo he blesses a client with.

  • 20 The body isn’t his only canvas. Like a true artist, he’s starting a collection of his artwork.

  • 21 Even does custom designs on clothing and shoes.

  • 22 With celeb clients like Casanova, it’s obvious that Phoenix is doing very well.

  • 23 Kathie
    After leaving the baby daddy drama with O*Sh-t behind, Kathie is planting seeds of positivity with her new hustle.

  • 24 She’s a spiritual healer!
    Kathie is not only a certified yoga instructor, but a tarot card reader and mystic. She even treated current cast member Sky to a meditation session to help align her chakras and let go of old baggage.

  • 25 Kathie and O*Sh-t’s son is growing up fast!
    Kathie often puts her mother-son dates on the ’gram and it is a joy to see.

Their time on Black Ink Crew may have ended, but the grind NEVER stops.

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