Jojo’s Mom Faride is Enjoying the Single Life and Looks A-MA-ZING While Doing It

If divorce is weighing her down, you sure can't tell by these photos.

Jojo Zarur’s mom Faride may be in the middle of a nasty divorce, but that isn’t stopping her glow up. Through all of the legal proceedings, money disputes and heartache, the former Mrs. Zarur is keeping a positive head and looks fabulous while doing so. Her Instagram is chock-full of travel photos, sexy selfies and smiley moments with friends and family that suggests divorce isn’t weighing her down in the slightest.

Check out this gallery of Faride basking in the single life. (You’ll definitely be inspired to hit the gym after this!)

  • 1 Fun In The Sun!
    Mama looks 100% stress free.

  • 2 Issa Reunion Slay
    Isn’t she lovely?

  • 3 Style Slayer
    The threads are from Zarur Boutique, of course.

  • 4 She’s Giving Us Major Travel Envy
    Nothing like traveling the world to celebrate singlehood.

  • 5 Beach Vibes
    Those hours in the gym are paying off.

  • 6 Her Beach Is Better
    We’d love to be where she is right now.

  • 7 Miami Livin’
    The city is her oyster.

  • 8 Health Is Wealth
    Faride is 100% dedicated to staying fit.

  • 9 S-N-A-T-C-H-E-D
    Forget what you heard…Faride proves that abs are really made in the gym.

  • 10 Selfie Nation
    Jojo’s gorgeous mom can slay a mirror selfie with the best of them

  • 11 Another Year of Greatness.
    After the storm, there’s a reason to smile.

  • 12 BFFs
    Faride and her friend Xime are too cute for words.

  • 13 Pool Ready
    With a bod like that, why not wear a bikini every day?

  • 14 Sitting Pretty
    Mr. Zarur…you sure you want to let all of this go?

  • 15 Single, Sexy and Free
    Happiness looks good on her.

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