Veronica Vega Called Out Amara For Wearing Extensions, But She’s Not Above Rocking Them Herself

Amara's not the only one!

Veronica Vega tried it when she called out Amara La Negra for rocking a fake ’fro when sis wears a long weave braid as one of her own signature looks.

Back in 1999, TLC reminded us all that “you can buy your hair if it don’t grow” and even if it does, you can still make the purchase. Nowadays, women are changing wigs and hairstyles like they do underwear and there is no shame is weave switch-up game. During a recent episode of Love & Hip Hop Miami, Veronica called Amara a “fake b–h” who was wearing a fake Afro. Amara has made it clear that she does accentuate the Afro-Latina image with an actual Afro, and taking a look at Veronica’s gram, she is not above rockin’ a weave herself and there is nothing wrong with that. Veronica knows how to serve a lewk, hunty. Sometimes the image you’re going for just warrants that extra boost. While she loves to flip her natural hair, take a look at some of the times Veronica added some inches to her style.

  • 1 Here she is with her natural bob.

  • 2 Braids down to the booty!

  • 3 Looking like a dope Supreme model.

  • 4 Face beat and hair is slicked back!

  • 5 No one rocks a braid like Veronica.

  • 6 Cast image on!

  • 7 Those stormy braids>>>

  • 8 Everything.

  • 9 This belongs in a magazine.

  • 10 See? I told you! No one.

  • 11 Maybe she should try the Afro look. Something tells me she would kill it!

  • 12 I love me an extra long Malaysian straight weave!

In this Love & Hip Hop Miami highlight, Veronica calls Amara out for being “fake.”

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