Trina and Raymond Sure Look Boo’d Up And Are Tew Cute for Words!

Love is in the air, folks. Inhale deeply!

Trina done took Raymond out of the friendzone and she looks happier than ever.

Thankfully the Baddest took her cousin Joy up on her offer to go on a double date because the sparks are still flying between Trina and Raymond. The two have been friends for a very long time as Trina explained on Love & Hip Hop Miami, so long that the Diamond Princess was fearful that crossing that line would mess everything up. Welp, they leaped over that line and look so cute with one another. Raymond Taylor is not only an entrepreneur, but his baby’s number one supporter, as he should be. Take a look at some of their photos boo’d up.

  • 1 Silly faces!

  • 2 Sippin’ and chillen’

  • 3 Emoji Love, what other kind is there?

  • 4 A couple that rolls together…

  • 5 Raymond better show out for Trina being honored with “Trina Day.”

  • 6 Don’t sleep on these two!

  • 7 It’s OK to ask for directions, Raymond.

  • 8 Raymond has Trina’s back.

In this Love & Hip Hop Miami clip, Trina is all smiles on her date with Raymond.

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