These Stars Showed Up and Showed Out at the Brit Awards!

It might still be winter, but these stars are sizzling hot!

The Brit Awards have come and gone, celebrating pop music in all it’s catchy glory across the pond. Some of our favorite stars showed up and dazzled the red carpet! From Camila Cabello to Jennifer Hudson to Millie Bobby Brown, these celebs are serving up some serious red carpet fire! Here are a few of our fave looks we just can’t get enough of!

  • 1 Rita Ora
    Getty Images
    Rita Ora is serving some serious face with the dress to match!

  • 2 Jennifer Hudson
    Getty Images
    Jennifer Hudson looks gorgeous in red… Just like she looks in blue… and in really any color she chooses to wear!

  • 3 Dua Lipa
    Getty Images
    Dua Lipa’s Rules to the Red Carpet… Be bold and wear pink!

  • 4 Camila Cabello
    Getty Images
    Camila Cabello SLAYS in powder blue. Who knew ruffles were so fierce?

  • 5 Millie Bobby Brown
    Getty Images
    It’s not a stranger thing that Millie Bobby Brown continues to werk the red carpet!

  • 6 Ed Sheeran
    Getty Images
    The newly-engaged Ed Sheeran showed up dapper as usual!

  • 7 Jorja Smith
    Getty Images
    Jorja Smith came to slay, not to play!

  • 8 Haim
    Getty Images
    These indie pop princesses are fabulous in floral!

  • 9 Sam Smith
    Getty Images
    Stay with us, Sam Smith? You always look so handsome!

  • 10 Liam Payne & Cheryl Cole
    Getty Images
    Engaged couple, Liam Payne & Cheryl Cole share sweet smiles for the cameras!

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