Here Are a Bunch Of Pictures Of Michael B. Jordan Looking Fine As Hell

And yes, he does always look that way.

You know the way that Lupita Nyong’o looks at Michael B. Jordan literally anytime she’s with him? Yeah, that’s all of us. We cannot get enough of MBJ, and we have no shame about it! From his charming smile to his winning personality, Michael B. wins a perfect score in our book. In order to commemorate our love of his abs, face, sex glow, etc., here are a ton of pictures of him just looking damn good. ?

  • 1 Michael B. Jordan Smiling
    Getty Images
    I mean, look at that smile and tell me it doesn’t make you swoon!

  • 2 Michael B. Jordan In The Gym
    I’ll be your workout partner anyday, babe.

  • 3 Michael B. Jordan Walking Down The Street
    Getty Images
    Is it just me, or is he lovingly looking me in the eyes?

  • 4 Michael B. Jordan Looking Dapper
    Getty Images
    He’ll be in his suit and tie… And I’ll just be over here drooling. ?

  • 5 Michael B. Jordan In Shades
    Getty Images
    You see those women in the background? Those women are all of us.

  • 6 Michael B. Jordan Sticking Out His Tongue
    I mean… ???

  • 7 Michael B. Jordan With A Book
    Getty Images
    Oh, we LOVE a man who likes to read!

  • 8 Michael B. Jordan And All His Muscles
    How do I love thee? Let me count the muscles…

  • 9 Michael B. Jordan In One Of The Best Outfits We’ve Seen
    Getty Images
    There is nothing better than a well-dressed Michael B. Jordan!

  • 10 Michael B. Jordan On A Boat
    Suddenly I’m drowning… If only some big, strong man could save me! ?

  • 11 Michael B. Jordan On A Yoga Mat
    Getty Images
    Hellooooooooo, muscles!

  • 12 Michael B. Jordan ACTUALLY Doing Yoga
    Getty Images
    I’ve never wanted to exercise so badly… ?

  • 13 Michael B. Jordan Pointing At Something
    Getty Images
    What is he pointing at? Me. In my heart, he’s smiling and pointing at me.

  • 14 Michael B. Jordan Watching A Movie
    Getty Images
    How about some Netflix and chill next time, Michael? ?

  • 15 Michael B. Jordan Serving Face
    Getty Images
    That smolder! Those eyes! My tender, tender heart! ❤️

  • 16 Michael B. Jordan Giving A Speech
    Getty Images
    Handsome AND smart? Yes please!

  • 17 Michael B. Jordan In Plaid
    Getty Images
    A flannel never looked so good! ?

  • 18 Michael B. Jordan In A Cardigan
    He just… he just looks so good!

  • 19 Michael B. Jordan On The Phone
    Getty Images
    Sorry I missed your call, baby. I’ll text you later! xoxo ?

  • 20 Michael B. Jordan Wiping Sweat Off His Face
    Getty Images
    Is it hot in here, or is it just Michael?