These Sexy Selfies of Nas Will Have You Leaving All Kinds of Messy Messages in His DM

You're gonna need a gallon of water for all of that thirst.

Nas may not be Kim Kardashian level when it comes to his selfie game, but his followers love him all the same. No matter the angle, they come in droves to his page to leave thirsty comments on his selfies. There’s no shame in this 44-year-old rapper’s Insta-game, and we’ve got the receipts to prove it. Click through the gallery below to see Nas in action:

  • 1
    Who needs professional lighting when ya look this good?

  • 2
    Nas captioned this one, “I just order more pasta #godhelpme.” God help us, too.

  • 3
    King of the sleepy selfie.

  • 4
    Who said mirror selfies were only for Myspace? Nas captioned this one, “Haaaaaaa! Yea the old man.” I don’t know what it means, but I’m into it.

  • 5
    Sometimes he even shares the selfie spotlight with his brother, Jungle.

  • 6
    Nas let his fans know he is not only ???, he cares about them. He captioned this pic, “I’m writing a song 4 y’all.”

  • 7
    “They call me Sun cuz I shine like 0ne !” Do they also call him sun because he’s hot AF, or…

  • 8
    Nas is smokin’….and I’m not talkin’ about cigars.

  • 9
    He’s keeping it fresh and clean and he wants you to know about it.

  • 10 And here’s a glass of water…
    You know, for the thirst.

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